I am a young and fiery entrepreneur who acquired a daycare with a vision of serving young children in a Montessori fashion. I have since transformed the daycare into a loving, nurturing Montessori based Hybrid school. As Aspire continues to grow, there is a higher demand for Montessori materials. In order to  pursue this vision, I need to raise money for additional materials that will be required.

Every purchase you make, Aspire Montessori School receives 100 percent of the profit. To this end, feel free to donate any amount through the Donate button below.  Each of my art pieces are made with love and intention. To learn more about Aspire Montessori School, please follow                 . Thank you in advance for your donations and purchases.

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." 
                 -Pablo Picasso




T. 214-435-7833  |  morgan@aspiremontessori.org
If you would like a custom order painting or woodwork, please contact me with details of your request. 

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